Producing a guide

Digital storytelling should enhance the visitor experience, tell a story and interact with the physical location or object.

Concept and script

What story would you like to tell? Who is your audience?

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Tone, target group and what kind of experience you wish to provide for visitors are important starting points, as well as the idea about how the walk should be structured; when it comes to location-specific storytelling, the dramaturgy is intimately linked to the visitor’s movements.

Ska ljudvandringen vara en sammanhängande berättelse som rör sig från start till mål? Ska besökaren röra sig fritt, och utforska platsen och ljuden enligt eget huvud? Eller ska besökaren röra sig från punkt till punkt, som på en utställning med fasta föremål?

Should the audio tour be a continuous story, moving from start to finish? Should the visitor move about freely, exploring the location and sounds as they go their own way? Or should they move from place to place, as in an exhibition with stationary objects? In 2018, we have chosen to further our script development through co-operation with Umami Produktion, Malmö. They provide long-time experience within script writing for a variety of audio guides and tours, and are happy to help you develop both your script and concept. If you prefer to provide the content yourself, you can choose what level of support you would like from us in the process; for example, we can get you started with an inspiring workshop, or offer running editing throughout your script production.

Photo, video and graphic design

To what extent you wish to use additional media depends of course on what kind of story you are telling.

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The visual impression of a guide is always part of the experience. In our apps, you can work with your own graphic design, and it is easy to add your own maps, which we will make interactive – a good way to enhance the visitor’s impression of being present in a historical place, or an alternate reality.

When it comes to graphic design and photography, you choose, of course, what you wish to do yourself, and what you would rather let us do for you. We have specialist skills when it comes to drone footage and video, so if you wish to use aerial photos for your app, we are happy to help.


Next to the sense of smell, hearing is our most intuitive sense.

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Using sound, you can set the mood, and enhance the visitor’s experience of being somewhere else. In addition, hearing differs from sight in the way that you can only look at one thing at a time, while you have no trouble taking in three different sounds simultaneously. If you wish for your visitors to really absorb the place you are working with, it will pay off to let them see, smell and touch their surroundings – and then enhance that experience using sound.

If you wish for us to help you with sound design, we have many years of experience; not just when it comes to audio tours, but also within radio documentaries and radio drama. This has taught us how to best use sound as a narrative element. We cannot think of a more efficient way to make your visitor experience what happened in a certain location long ago, or what may perhaps come to pass there in the future. In our work with sound design, we co-operate with the highly experienced Umami Produktion.


In collaboration with Umami Produktion, we present methods to create intense experiences.

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In addition, we introduce our guide system and the possibilities it offers. Previous projects and lessons learned are used to provide background.

You present your ideas about possible content and overall concept. Together, we assess your ideas and help you make concrete which locations the guide should include, what to tell and how. We discuss what kind of narrator should be used – an important choice, since this person will be perceived as the de facto host on location. We assess the photographic material you have access to, and whether there are other kinds of media that should be used in the guide, such as video footage or custom made maps. We discuss the graphic design; what kind of starting points you have regarding existing brands, and how the overall design works with the concept.

How shall I begin?

Let us help, book an open-ended meeting.


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